Meet ChelseaMy name is Chelsea  and I am so excited for you to embark on this journey with me through the YouAnew Core Program!  First, I want you all to get to know me a little better so that we can walk forward together.  I am 21 years old and am going to be a senior at Liberty University in Virginia.  I am a dual major in Special Education and Elementary Education and have always been passionate about working with children.  I have also always had a passion for exercise and doing my best to stay fit and healthy!  I love playing sports and being active on land or in water; life growing up on a lake with older brothers!  In the past few years I have taken on several half marathons and my newest interest is triathlons…  They are extremely challenging but such an achievable accomplishment that I believe everyone should work towards!  Although exercise and being active is something that I have always enjoyed, something else that I have enjoyed possibly a little too much is eating!  I love food but desire to strive towards a healthier lifestyle. I have decided the time has come to fuel my body efficiently and combine my love for food with good nutrition so that I can achieve the greatest performance possible.

I want to enlighten and encourage those who are or are thinking of embarking on the YouAnew Program.  I will be blogging my way through the YouAnew Core Program with pictures, recipes, cooking strategies, honest opinions, and encouragement.  What I expect from this program is a happier and healthier lifestyle.  I do not intend to diet; I want to live a strong, happy, and healthy life.  This lifestyle does entail making choices, choices that will allow you to make or break your goals.  Let’s choose together to walk the narrow path, the path that leads to achieving our goal of a long, healthy, and strong life!

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