Here’s the deal–Facebook and other social networks may be making you fat. While it’s great to keep in touch with those you love, spending too much time checking-in on your “friends” may lead to emotional overload. Knowing that Sally and Bill are driving their perfect car to the perfect destination for their perfect vacation with their perfect family may leave you feeling perfectly inadequate…

Is Facebook Making You Fat? | YouAnew Lifestyle NutritionDoes seeing pictures of all your “friends” having a great time together -without you- leave you feeling down and left out? Does reading about your “friends” accomplishments leave you feeling like your life is passing you by? Mediums such as Facebook and Pinterest enable people to airbrush their lives. “Friends” throw the best of their world at you with one quick click. You may find yourself constantly comparing and subsequently despairing. Despair leads to comfort craving, and comfort is found in a favorite food. So, not only are you spending too much sedentary time in front of your computer and mindlessly munching while you update your status, you are now falling prey to emotional and stress eating. Here are a few easy steps for avoiding the Facebook Fat and the Pinterest Pounds:

Step1: See through it. Things often appear better online then they do in real life. Everyone has their own struggles; chances are good they don’t broadcast them. Don’t compare your life to someone else’s. Set goals for yourself and focus on achieving those goals. Compare, Despair.

Step2: Plan to unplug. Schedule specifics days, weeks or times when you will abstain from online social networks. Check out the Taking a Break App to schedule social media breaks.

Step3: Live your life. Get out and get active. Get out of the house and away from your computer. Be an adventurer. Try something new. You may just find that you enjoy living your life.

Step4: I am here to help you, coach you, and give you all the tools you need to be a weight loss success. I know that you eat for all the wrong reasons, and I can help you lose weight, get to a healthy weight and maintain your weight long term. Learn how to adopt a lifestyle of purposeful eating with my YouAnew Lifestyle Nutrition Programs, and you will never diet again! Shed those Pinterest Pounds and that Facebook Fat! You want to look and feel great; I want to show you how.


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