Get Moving! Stand Still! Now Balance! Oh No, Don’t Forget to Breathe…

Laurel Attanasio | YogaI LOVE Yoga because you get to do all of the above and so much more! Getting moving = getting healthy, but if we forget to slow down we can quickly move in an unhealthy direction. Yoga balances movement and stillness providing a great calorie burn while calming the mind and the body. So, the more yoga you do, the more you look good and feel good!!!

Despite its most recent popularity, yoga has been around for thousands of years and has been used to cure illnesses and reduce ailments way before the invention of P90X. A well-rounded yoga workout blends together poses that energize, detoxify and calm the body and mind. Most yoga sessions will include seated poses, forward folds, inversions, standing poses, twisted poses while maintaining an emphasis on the breath and alignment.

Here are some of my favorite reasons to do yoga!!

Sleep improvesConcentration improves
Immunity increasesMemory improves
Posture improvesMood improves
Weight normalizesBalance improves
Muscular flexibility increases
Muscular strength increases
Gastrointestinal function normalizes
Blood pressure decreases


Now you know why I love yoga, but I want you to love it too! Call the YouAnew Office, 610 868 6816, today to set up a private session with me!!

Oh and don’t forget…

Get Moving! Stand Still! Now Balance! And, Definitely Breathe!

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