There’s no doubt, you are going to feel and look your best when you eat your best. And, to really eat your best, you’re going to want to include seasonal superfoods. Superfoods are so important because they are going to fill your body with super-strength amounts of nutrients, phytochemicals and antioxidants. Eating seasonal food are fabulous because they are going to have the freshest flavor, highest concentration of nutrients and be more affordable. When it comes to spring, I want you to think in terms of color and go green. Here are my top 5 favorite spring superfoods you need to be eating…


Asparagus: This tender veggie is seriously the perfect side dish. It is quick and easy to prepare and as healthy as a veggie gets. When you load up your dish with asparagus, you load up on nutrients that fight cancer, improve digestion and support heart health. Try roasting asparagus with garlic and rosemary for even more disease fighting phytochemicals.

Arugula: It’s a bit bitter, but throw in a titch of olive oil, a few tomatoes and a little organic parmesan, and you’ll have a better salad anyone will love. Arugula also tastes awesome on pizza and goes great with white beans. This relative of broccoli is rich in calcium, loaded with vitamin A and is a good source of cancer fighting glucosinolates.

Spinach: Get as strong as Popeye in the fight against inflammation! Spinach is a rocking source of inflammation fighting flavenoids and carotonoids. You’re going to want to boil it for the best flavor. Then try adding it to your favorite pasta dishes, in soups or with risotto.

Scallions: Otherwise known as green onions, scallion are a great low calorie way to boost flavor and nutrients. They are well-known for their cardiovascular benefit and are full of biotin which is great for skin, hair and nails. Try adding scallions to jasmine rice with mangoes or include them with potatoes, salads and veggie dishes.

Lime: It’s always a good time to add in a little lime. Limonoids are compounds found in citrus fruits which can help to lower “bad” cholesterol, fight cancer, and protect against rheumatoid arthritis. Add a dash of lime to black bean salad or squeeze a little on papaya or avocado.

Fight with your fork!! By eating fabulously, you’ll live fabulously. Go for fresh, seasonal, nourishing whole foods at every meal.

So, I’ve put all of my favorite spring favorites into Spring Meals! Figure out how to put all the best of the best seasonal foods into meals that will keep you feeling healthy and strong. Get it now and get a discount.

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