I am so excited to start blogging about my experience with the YouAnew Lifestyle Program as a full-time working Mom!  It’s been just about 8 months now since I made the decision to change my life and help change my family’s lives.

If it's important you'll find a way If not you'll find an excuse | KristenBentson.comThe end of June 2012 I made the choice to change my life for good.  I am a mother to two little active boys (4 yrs. and 20 months), a wife, and a teacher.  To say I’m a busy working mom can sometimes be an understatement!  As I am watching my boys quickly grow I often think about the numerous things I would like to do with them before they are all grown.  Some of the activities I would like to be able to do with them when they are at this young age I noticed I was getting too big to do, such as being able to sit on a swing or slide down the sliding board with them.  They are just both at the age at which they enjoy amusement parks – and I want to be by their sides riding all the rides I can with them.   And lets not forget energy!  I NEED energy to keep up with them!

Anytime someone chooses to change their lifestyle it can be scary!  Before jumping in and signing up with Dr. Kristen, I read through her website, read some testimonials, and spoke with Holly, the receptionist at Dr. Kristen’s office.  After doing all of that and discussing it with my very supportive husband, I dove in!  And boy, oh boy, am I ever glad I did!

Not only do I have the much desired energy I so longed for, but I am now 62 pounds lighter and feeling fabulous!  So if you are ready to give yourself some much needed TLC, I highly suggest working with Dr. Kristen Bentson – you will find it’s one of the best decisions you could make for yourself – one your body and family will thank you.

Please stay tuned, as I plan on posting more Working Mom Blog Posts about my life changing journey with the YouAnew Lifestyle Nutrition program.

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