‘Tis the season to be eating…and packing on the pounds! Ahh!! Hear me out. I know it’s tempting with all those cookies, hot chocolate, cakes, pies, gravies, gingerbread, stuffing, candied yams, candy canes, and buche de noel lurking around every corner, but let’s be serious. The holidays are not a license to eat and yes, those calories still count! Why in the season of peace, are you going to war with your body? Come on now, war no more!!

Healthy Holiday Eating | YouAnew Lifestyle Nutrition

Here are 10 easy steps that will keep your season bright and your body light!

1. Happy, glad, sad, mad, tired or stressed? Don’t emotionally eat. Eat to nourish your body not your psyche.
2. If you’re a holiday cook, don’t turn kitchen tastings into full meals (and then eat a full meal…).
3. Don’t lock and load your fork. Chew the food that is in your mouth entirely before gearing up for the next bite.
4. Go for the lower calorie/higher nutrient density selections. Sweet potatoes are sweet enough without the candied topping. Don’t let your turkey drown in a lake of gravy!
5. Eat it (don’t drink it)! Beverages count. Drinking (anything but water) is a great way to pack on the pounds.
6. Lay low on processed foods. Stay away from the Moose Munch!!
7. Go “walking in a winter wonderland.” More calories consumed means more calories have to be burned. Don’t forget to move it, move it!! (yes dancing counts!)
8. Are you bombarded by holiday hassles? Avoid stress eating. When you feel stressed, practice relaxation strategies such as deep breathing, engaging in an enjoyable activity, or yoga.
9. Cut your plate into quarters. Tackle one quarter at a time. You might just find that you get full in the first quarter.
10. Eat like Rudolf, Not Santa. Go for the carrots, avoid the cookies!!

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