So what I want to share with you today is a great method for managing stress. We all go through storms, it’s how we weather the storm that counts. Simple breathing exercises are a great way to sail through storms with less tension. 

Just Breathe | YouAnew Lifestyle NutritionBelow is an audio file that I think will benefit you whether or not you are in the wake of a storm. Why? Because no matter who you are or what you do, the storms of life can be incredibly intense. You can’t control the chaos around you, but you can control your response to the chaos.

I created an audio file  that I think will help you. It’s a quick exercise that you can do that will help to reduce the amount of stress hormones that your body releases. Anxiety cause changes in our brain chemistry that makes us prone to crave junk. So, you need to set up an action plan that will prevent you from having to battle with the inevitable weight and health related issues that you will face once the sun shines again.

Listen to this…


Download Relaxation Response audio (mp3)



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