So I’m at baby shower the other day doing CPR. Yup, you heard me right—mouth to mouth, chest compressions, it was the real deal. It’s rare that I go to an event without addressing health concerns; the whole getting called into another room to “help somebody” is really just a regular part of the party routine. This time, the situation was far more intense than the usual migraine or back spasm. As I began to realize the gravity of the situation and started yelling for the person closest to the phone to call 911, I thought to myself, for real? I really wasn’t looking for someone (especially as precious as this person) to die at my friend’s baby shower. As you can only imagine, I was extremely determined to keep her alive.

Simple Steps to Getting HealthyThe whole experience got me thinking a lot about you. Just so you know, I’m equally determined to keep you alive. While chances are good that I’ll never be giving you mouth to mouth (oh my word, I really am not looking to do that again anytime soon), I am totally throwing you a lifesaver (not the candy…). Please, Please, Please, Take it.

Here’s the deal. What you eat, it matters. How much you exercise, it matters. How you handle stress, it matters. Here are three simple rescue breaths that I am going to puff into you that will hopefully help you to avoid being the one under the chest compressions. Here are simple steps to getting healthy

1. Eat really green food (naturally green/no fluorescents). Green foods are packed with loads of nutrients that will strengthen your body. Here’s a simple way to prepare collard greens that you might just love. Go green, baby!!

2. Breathe. Not that tight panting breathing that we tend to do when we are coping with our lives, but the real kind of low slow deep abdominal breathing that can elicit the relaxation response in our body. I recorded a quick downloadable exercise that will teach you how to get those ranging stress hormones down to a simmer.

3. Move your body. It’s my mantra. Don’t think about it like ugh, I have to exercise. Instead, think of it like yes, yes, yes—I get to move my body. If you’re around Bethlehem the second Sunday of the month, you’re going to love these Yoga Lunches. Get your body moving in a way that you can learn to love and enjoy.

So, you’re probably wondering what happened to the woman at the shower. Well, I am grateful to say that she survived. After 15 intense minutes of hardcore CPR, she made it through. I’m hoping these few minutes we spend together will have just as great an impact on you.
It’s time. I’m throwing you the line, just grab it. You CAN do it!!

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