Before you take a bite, you’ve got to ask yourself this simple question: “Why am I eating that?”

3 Ways to Know If You're Eating for the Right ReasonsT
hese words are quick and easy and can totally help you transform your approach to food. I strongly believe you should have a reason for eating. No good reason? Put the fork down. There are two purposes of food: nutrients and energy. When you eat with purpose, you’ll look good and feel your best. Let’s work on this concept together because a lifestyle of purposeful eating is essential to a healthy lifestyle. 

Take a minute right now and write down all the reasons that you eat.

For example: Are you eating because you’re hungry? Stressed? Are you eating to nourish your body? Is boredom the reason? Are you eating because it tastes good? Do you feel pressure to eat? Is food your habit? Do you look to food for comfort? I want you to identify your top 5 reasons for eating. Once you’ve got your list, assess your approach. Is eating an emotional or habitual activity or do you eat to give your body nutrients and energy. Because when you eat to nourish, you’re on purpose. But when you eat for emotional, social or other reasons, you’re food habits are purposeless.  Remember, eating with purpose is the goal. 

Here are 3 ways to know that you’re eating for the right reasons:

  1. You feel happy about your relationship with food: When you’re eating with purpose, you feel good about the food you eat. Eating brings you joy, not guilt. When your reasons are right, you feel grateful for the food in front of you, and you truly enjoy it.
  2. You’re able to easily recognize hunger and fullness: Intuitive eating happens when you naturally recognize your body’s signals for food. Think about this the next time you eat: are you eating because you’re physiologically hungry? In other words, are you eating because your body is telling you it needs nutrients and energy? And, can you recognize the sensation of fullness. With your next meal, really watch for the feeling of satiety. It often takes 20 minutes before you really feel it.
  3. Your plate is full of nutrient rich whole foods:  When you’re eating with purpose, your meals and snacks primarily consist of whole and unprocessed real foods. If most of your food comes out of a box, bag, a can or to-go container, you’re probably not eating with purpose. On target and reasonable eating is clean, colorful and nutrient dense.

Adopting a lifestyle of purposeful eating is the key to a healthy relationship with food and a body that is working at its best. Every day, you get to make the choice. You get to choose when, what and how much food to eat. By asking yourself the real reason behind the food you choose, you’ll be more in control of your approach and on target for successful eating. Eat with purpose!



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