The warmth of summer means less clothes and more barbecues. To look your best and feel even better, the foods you choose at those barbecues, baseball games, picnics and pool parties should really be good ones. Instead of loading up your plate with hot dogs, chips, potato salad, s’mores, and more, focus your attention on those seasonal superfoods that will leave you feeling healthy and satisfied. Here are my top picks for Summer…

Your Guide to Summer Superfoods1. Corn: It’s so versatile and so quintessentially summer. A fresh ear of corn is a great source of dietary fiber, vitamin C and B vitamins. Because corn is one of the most commonly genetically modified crops, you’re going to want to go for the organic version whenever possible. Here’s one of my favorite Corn Salad Combos.

2. Watermelon: This warm weather favorite is full of lycopene, a powerful phytochemical that is rich in the antioxidants known to boost the body’s ability to prevent and fight cancer and heart disease. You can serve it both savory (try this Watermelon and Feta Salad) and sweet (try these Watermelon Pops).

3. Avocado: It’s creamy, light and an amazing source of heart healthy fats; plus, it’s rich in nutrients like phytosterols, carotenoids, and omega-3 fats that are known to fight pain causing inflammation. While great as guacamole, avocado is also a perfect addition to salads, side dishes and soups. Here’s a raw and simple recipe for Avocado Lime Soup.

4. Vidalia Onion: Even just one onion a week can lower your risk of colorectal, laryngeal and ovarian cancer. Onion contains sulfur containing compounds known for their anti-clotting ability and cholesterol lowering properties. These summer onions make for a great addition to Pineapple, Chicken and Veggie Shish Kabobs!

5. Peaches: This summer time staple will naturally sweeten any dish. Peaches are full of potassium which may protect you from high blood pressure, kidney stones and muscle spasms. Try them grilled with a touch of raw honey or my favorite way, Roasted with Seasonal Vegetables.

So, I’ve put all of my summer favorites into Summer Meals! Get it now and figure out how to put all the best of the best seasonal foods into meals that will keep you feeling healthy and strong.

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