Here’s what I know: being skinny won’t necessarily make you happy. Happiness, joy, peace and contentment aren’t wrapped up in a jean size, and YOU are about more than that number that rides in the back of your pants. But, I also know that when you feel like garbage, and your clothes don’t fit, and exhaustion rules your day, that your confidence, productivity, and love of life will fast fade. And for those of you who are already “skinny,” you know (as much as I do) that there are a lot of other areas that you need to work on in order to feel a true sense of wellness. Wellness isn’t just about the absence of disease.

Being Skinny Won't Make You Happy | YouAnew Lifestyle NutritionHealthy is the new skinny, and no matter where you are on the “healthy” spectrum there is always room for improvement. If you’ve been around the YouAnew scene for any length of time, you know what I’m about to say—to be the healthiest version of you, you’ve got to focus on food. How you look and how you feel are inextricably linked to the food you eat. Eat Clean, Feel Clean. (it really is about the food)

Commit yourself to a fridge that’s full of produce and a pantry that’s packed with truly nutrient dense snacks. Changing your approach to food will make all the difference in the way you look and feel.

It’s time. Let’s do it! Let’s make the start to this year the start of something fresh, new and unlike anything you’ve experienced before. Feeling and looking better are a choice. Choose it. Get to it.

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