Eating Gluten Free can be great when you find the right foods! While minimally processed gluten free foods are totally healthy, a lot of the gluten free boxed, bagged and canned alternatives are packed with more calories, sugar and salt than their gluten full counterparts. Here are a few of my gluten-free go-to foods.(1) Lentil Chips with hummus makes a great afternoon snack. (2) Almost every morning, my little guy requests oatmeal with Pacific Hazelnut Beverage, bananas and cinnamon for breakfast. (3) When on the go, Larabars are staple. (4) Foods for Life makes my favorite GF breads. (5) In terms of rice pasta, Tinkyada is the best brand-it’s important that you prepare this pasta al dente (otherwise it gets mushy and sticky). (6) You can serve just about anything with instant brown rice. I love to make it with pineapple chicken and stir-fried veggies. (7) Applesauce tends to be my midnight snack. Be sure that you choose the unsweetened version to get the best nutrient bang for your buck. (8) Amy’s Kitchen is known for quality, wholesome and quick dishes. I love her lentil soup. It’s packed with fiber, protein and great taste. (9) It’s fun to eat popcorn; it reminds me of movies and family game night. Our family especially enjoys Sea Salt Indiana Popcorn. (10) A favorite breakfast, lunch and dinner cereal in our house is Rice Twice. It’s a pure cereal that feels great to eat!

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