You can change your life by changing your meals! Let me show you how to live and look your best. This week, I want you to throw these super food favorites into your cart and onto your plate.  Let’s check out the health benefits of blueberries, sprouted pumpkin seeds, oranges, eggs and cucumber. 
sSuperfoods:: Blueberries | YouAnew Lifestyle Nutrition

Blueberries are an absolute favorite in the Bentson house! They are an easy addition to our oatmeal, muffins, breads, pancakes and salads; plus, they pack a mighty powerful antioxidant punch. A recent study shows that eating more berries might boost your memory. Whenever you can, take a walk on the wild side. Wild blueberries have even more powerful phytochemical that fight cancer.

Superfoods:: Sprouted Pumpkin Seeds | YouAnew Lifestyle Nutrition

Pumpkin seeds make the perfect mid-morning or afternoon snack. What I love most about these little seeds is their anti-inflammatory effect. Aching joints and sore muscles, these seeds might ease the pain. Additionally, they contain phytosterols that lower cholesterol.

Superfood :: Oranges | YouAnew Lifestyle Nutrition

Oranges are a great way to start your day. Packed with awesome antioxidants, you will be an infection, cancer, diabetes, inflammation and heart disease fighting machine by lunch! Add a little zest to your salads and favorite baked goods to get more limonene which will help your body beat off skin cancer.

Superfood :: Eggs | YouAnew Lifestyle Nutrition

Although eggs are most often viewed as a breakfast staple, the frittata makes for a perfect supper! Check out our fabulous frittata recipe. Eggs are a great source of healthy fat and protein. Eat more eggs to protect your eyes (with vision boosting lutein and xeaxanthin) and your memory (lutein).

Superfood :: Cucumber | YouAnew Lifestyle Nutrition

Cucumbers are such a refreshing vegetable. They are full of cancer and heart disease fighting properties. Try creating a cucumber sandwich or add cucumber to your favorite iced tea or water.

Make fabulous food choices every day at every meal. It’s time for you to feel and look your best!

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