While the best of the best foods aren’t found in boxes, bags and cans, the convenience of packaged goods can’t be beat. There are plenty of options that taste great and are great for you.  Avoid the sugar, chemicals, and modified ingredients by trying a few of our family favorites.

Refined Sugar Free Fruit Snacks | YouAnew Lifestyle Nutrition

Grabbing the fruit snack packs thinking you are nourishing your kids with a healthy treat? Here’s a reality check. Most of the most popular “fruit” snacks have a laundry list of questionable ingredients like high fructose corn syrup and sugar (both linked to obesity, diabetes, and cancer), trans-fat (that causes heart disease), artificial flavors and dyes (known to cause behavioral problems and attention deficit). Fruit snacks without sugar, trans fat, genetically modified ingredients and preservatives are hard to find.  Think about the large amounts of processed ingredients going into these little bodies. I am always scouring the aisles for natural treats and was so excited to find Annie’s Orchard Fruit Bites! These vegan, gluten, dairy, and sugar free little bites are full of flavor. My two year old resoundingly approved and literally begged for more!

Amande Almond Milk Yogurt Dairy Free | YouAnew Lifestyle Nutrition

I have to admit that I would probably have a heart attack if someone tried to shove 3 teaspoons of sugar into my kid’s mouth. Yuck. Sadly, yogurts marketed to young ones are totally loaded with the white stuff. In general, yogurt is full of calcium and tummy healthy probiotics, and can be a great healthy choice. I am a huge fan of plain Greek Yogurt with fresh fruit, but for those who are looking for a dairy free substitute,  Amande is an awesome alternative! It’s sweetened with peach and pineapple juice, totally vegan, and fabulously good.
Happy Baby Organic Puffs | YouAnew Lifestyle Nutrition

I should buy stock in Happy Baby! These puffs are a family favorite. I love that (unlike other brands)  there is no added sugar or chemicals. There a bunch of fun flavors like banana, sweet potato, apple, kale/collard/spinach, and strawberry.

Yoga Vive Popped Carmel Apples Chips | YouAnew Lifestyle Nutrition

There is little worse than a little one with greasy hands. Skip the traditional chips a try theseYogavive Popped Fuji Apple Chips instead! These tasty poppers just found their way into our pantry. We are totally hooked! Eating healthy doesn’t have to be hard. Find the foods that are going to make your kids healthy and happy.

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