“No” is one of the first words that most kids know, and they love to use it. It’s a funny thing how, as we get older, we tend not to know how to say no.  As a result, we get stuck doing stuff we don’t really want to do, eating stuff we don’t really want to eat and suffering the consequences. Learning to say no at the right time can make you healthier and stronger. Here are 5 times that I feel good about saying no (well, usually I say, no thanks…).
Why it's good to say no | YouAnew Lifestyle Nutrition

  1. No thanks to food with sugar: I give the white stuff two thumbs down. It’s addictive and causes so many negative health effects. The more you steer clear and say no to added sugars (like evaporated cane juice (even when it’s organic), high fructose corn syrup, brown sugar, white sugar, raw sugar and the like), the better you feel and the better you look.
  2. No thanks to alcohol: Wow, this one is a tricky one! Like sugar, alcohol is everywhere and is pushed on us at parties and social events. Alcohol makes us toxic and impairs our ability to think and feel our best. Plus, every drink raises the risk of breast cancer.
  3. No thanks to anything fried: When food is cooked at super high temperatures, it releases carcinogenic/cancer causing agents. Adding insult to injury, when a food is fried in oil, it becomes loaded with saturated fats (which plug up your arteries) and full of aldehydes which are linked to neurodegenerative issues like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s Disease.
  4. No thanks to big portions: More isn’t better, it’s just more. We love our foods supersized and our bodies undersized. Unfortunately, the two don’t go together in a healthy way. Reaching an ideal weight is all about managing not only what goes into your body but the amount.
  5. No thanks to “diet” anything: If it’s marketed as a “diet” food, it’s probably a frankenfood. While the story that marketers tell about “diet” foods make you think that it’s good for you, it’s generally loaded with chemicals that will make your head and your belly ache.

While I think it’s smart and savvy to say no at the right times, I think you’ve also got to know when to say yes! Saying yes to real, whole foods in the right amounts enables you to look and feel your best. My YouAnew Lifestyle Nutrition Program will give you all the tools you’ll need to say yes and no at the right times. You CAN do this!

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