Let me start by telling you that I eat meat. I eat turkey. I eat fish. I eat chicken. I eat red meat. I also eat tofu, lentils, hemp, quinoa, and beans. I am a flexitarian. In other words, there are days that I only eat plant based foods, and there are days that I eat meat.

Okay, now here’s the deal. You are probably eating too much of the wrong kind of animal based protein. If you answer the “where’s the beef/meat” question with “on my plate each night,” I am going to challenge you to step out of your comfort zone—Hang on, here we go. I want you to go totally meatless this Monday… and every Monday thereafter. You read it right; one day a week, I want you to go vegetarian. That means that if it clucks, moos, swims or oinks, I don’t want you to eat it. I think you’ll be surprised by how good it feels.Here’s why I am passionate about limiting your exposure to animal based protein (even if it’s just one day a week), and why I only want you buying hormone and antibiotic-free, grass-fed meats and dairy for you and your family.

I’m Anti (Food Based) Antibiotics The idea of “super bugs” that can cause infections that can’t be treated terrifies me. Our risk of running into these “super bugs” is increased by eating meat laden with antibiotics. Increased exposure to antibiotics enables the bacteria to mutate and strengthen. Eventually, the good bacterium (flora) that makes its home in your gut might just turn against you. Creepy, right?
Hold the Hormones The hormones that are injected into the animals you eat will help them to become big and strong. Hormone injections mean more meat, more milk and more moola for the farmer. They also mean an increased risk of cancer for you and your family. An important note: little ones are most susceptible. It’s dangerous for kids to eat hormones.
Toxins are Fat Soluble You probably think of produce when you think about purchasing organic foods. But consider this–there’s no fat in an apple. The scariest of the scary toxins are fat soluble. That means that the highest loads of toxins are actually in your milk, cheese and meats.
Pushing Produce By increasing the amount of fruit and vegetables in your diet, and decreasing meat consumption, you decrease your risk of heart disease, diabetes, and cancer. You will also probably live longer than your exceedingly carnivorous friends.

Start with a few simple action steps.
• Pick at least one day a week and go totally meatless
• Replace milk and creamer with rice or nut “milk” alternatives
• Replace meaty meals with plant based proteins like lentils, beans and quinoa
• Buy meats that are grass-fed, hormone and antibiotic free, organic, and local

So there it is—there’s my beef with beef.

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