Sugar, Preservatives, Artificial Dye-Oh My! Traditional Easter eats are loaded with ingredients that can make even the easiest of the easy-going kids bounce off the walls. The chemicals that are used to create these holiday frankenfoods are now being linked to conditions like ADHD, Alzheimer’s, Diabetes, Cancer and Autism. To keep your family healthy, create an Easter Basket that is free from refined sugar and modified ingredients. I’ve simplified the task into 5 easy steps that will make basket creation simple and fun.

Step 1: Find the perfect basket and grass-like filler. I personally love the adorable options available at Pottery Barn KidsEtsy and William Sonoma. This year, I used shavings from my grandpa’s wood shop as filler.

Healthy Easter Basket Ideas

Step 2: Hard-boil and color eggs using Eco-Kid Egg Coloring Kit which is “made with natural and organic fruit, plant and vegetable extracts from annatto seed, curcumin, purple sweet potato and red cabbage.”

Step 3: Pick-up fun little Easter Themed Books and Toys at stores like Barnes and Noble and Land of Nod 

Creating a Healthy Easter Basket | The No Candy Easter Basket

Step 4: Grab naturally delicious and refined sugar free Easter treats like Annie’s Naturals Cheddar BunniesLarabars, Emmy’s Organics, Annie’s Fruit Bunnies, and Kettle Valley Organic Fruit Snacks 

Healthy Easter Basket Ideas | No Candy Easter Basket
Step 5: Assemble the Basket with Love!!Healthy Easter Basket Ideas | No Candy Easter Basket

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