I was scrolling through my Facebook News Feed the other morning, and I noticed that a friend of mine was in a relationship; but this isn’t just any relationship, it’s a “Complicated Relationship.” So, I scoped it out and sure enough, one of the options in the relationship status drop-down is (and I quote) “It’s Complicated.” I thought to myself how most of our relationships are complicated; we need them to survive and thrive, but sometimes they suck the life out of us. Then, I started thinking about our relationship with food; hey now, it’s complicated.
Relationship Advice | Healthy Approach to FoodWhile often complicated, your food relationship is generally either healthy or unhealthy. Consistently engaging in an unhealthy relationship with food can wreak havoc on your mind, body and spirit.

Here’s how you’ll know if your relationship with food is unhealthy:
1. You eat to fill a void: You grab a pint (or worse, a quart) of ice cream after a break-up
2. You eat to release stress: You need a Snickers to satisfy you after a big meeting
3. You eat to be social: You wouldn’t dream of missing out on sharing that lava cake dessert with your friends
4. You eat in secret (and hide the wrappers): Food is “hidden” here, there and everywhere
5. You eat mindlessly: You grab a bag of chips before hitting the couch and turning on the tube
6. You eat with apathy: You’ll eat whatever (pizza, pork rinds, pop rocks, pepperoni sticks), whenever (at like 2 am)

Just like the best of relationships, food can make you feel fabulous and better yet, can help you to look fabulous too. But, you’ve got to work on it! You’ve got to give it your all, and make good choices with each and every meal. You’ll know you’re on track when you are eating with purpose (giving your body nutrients and energy) and eating because you are hungry (and stopping when you are full). The result will be a healthy body you love.

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