Caution—Holidays Ahead. Okay tribe, get ready; here come the pilgrims, parades, pumpkins and all that food, glorious food!! If there was one question I answer the most, it’s how to get through holidays. Why? Because every holiday (whether it be Valentine’s Day, Fourth of July, Halloween, or Christmas) revolves around food.  I’ve got a couple tips to get you through…

Stuff the Bird | YouAnew Lifestyle NutritionHere we go!

Tip 1: SMALL PLATES!! Face it, you’re gonna fill it, right?!? I’m guessing you won’t want to appear piggy, so you don’t load your plate to the point that mashed potatoes and gravy overflow onto the holiday table cloth. If you’ve got a small plate, you will probably eat just the right amount. If grandma already set the table with mondo sized dinner platters, envision that your plate has a border and is half the size.

Tip 2: GO SLOW!! The tendency is to wolf food down. I know, I know…It’s all your favorites and in anticipation of the feast, you haven’t eaten for days. Here’s the deal, if you move slowly, savor your food and enjoy the company, you will not only enhance your holiday experience, you will eat less. When you eat less, you have less work to do to shed those post party pounds.

Tip 3: MORNING RUN!! If you know you are going to eat (a little) more than a typical day, add an ADDITIONAL ½ hour or 45 minutes of morning exercise. This will help to offset the extra calories. Plus, you’ll have more energy, feel happier and better enjoy your day!

Tip 4: STEER CLEAR OF MARSHMALLOWS ! Most of the Thanksgiving feast is super nutrient rich foods! I LOVE turkey, corn, green beans, sweet potatoes, and pearl onions. YUMMY and HEALTHY! Here’s what I don’t love is the “enhancers” like gravy, butter, French fried onions, candied topping and cream. Skip those add-ons and avoid the post party pooch.

Tip 5: DON’T STUFF YOURSELF!! Stuffing should only be for your turkey, not for your belly. Don’t ever allow yourself to get totally full. Shoot for comfortable satisfaction.

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Keep calm, stay in control and focus on your family! Enjoy every minute with those you love the most.

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