It’s time to turn your convenience foods into health foods. A short time ago, I wrote to you about the cost of convenience (and let’s face it—going for convenience now might just cost you your health later—so not worth it!). Frozen dinners, the drive-though, energy bars, and microwavable meals are usually loaded with calories, chemicals and preservatives but are totally devoid of nutrients. Let’s flip this whole fast food=junk food concept on its head.

Eat Like Your Health Depends on It | KristenBentson.comHere are my top 5 picks for “fast foods” done right.

1.    Amy’s Cheese Pizza
2.    Evol Burritos
3.    Pure Bars
4.    Organic Bistro Wild Alaskan Salmon
5.    Imagine Creamy Sweet Potato Soup

I love these “fast foods” because they are loaded with whole food ingredients while still being quick and easy. Being busy doesn’t have to thwart your being healthy eating efforts. Remember this, your food choices are either going to add to (energy, vitality, immunity, strength) or take away from (sick, tired, weight gain, weakness) your health. Use each opportunity to eat as an opportunity to strengthen and fortify your body. Even when you’re busy, eat like your health depends on it (’cause it does…)

Let’s do it! Eat healthy even when you’re busy.

I’ve got this fabulous framework from which you can learn how to adopt a lifestyle of purposeful eating. Learn how to eat right, manage your weight and get healthy. You deserve YouAnew! (already a youanewer? try the easy to make meal plan)


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