So here’s what you need to know. Fat doesn’t just happen, and you are not a victim. There are no tiny creatures that creep out from under your bed at night and sew your clothes tighter. There is no special genetic code that forever predestines you to lose the battle against fat, and aside from your wedding day, no one ever shoves cake down your throat without your permission.  Don’t be a victim of the victim mentality.

Fat Doesn't Just Happen | YouAnew Lifestyle NutritionIf you hate the extra pounds, can’t stand the tight clothes, and are tired of lugging around the extra weight, I have the best news you’ve ever heard. You can look and feel great by changing your approach to food. Stop the excuses, and stop feeling sorry for yourself. Start changing your meals, and start changing your life. If you eat to your metabolism and choose natural foods that nourish your body, you will lose weight and feel energized. Losing body fat is so simple, but it’s really hard. If being fit was easy, everyone would be thin. It takes work, it takes changing your attitude, it takes changing the food in your fridge, it takes consistency, and it takes dedication. But, the results are worth it. Remember, nothing tastes as good as thin feels. Fat doesn’t just happen, and you can look and feel great if you are willing to make the changes. Now, do it.


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