Okay, it’s time for you to learn how to eat clean to feel clean. Read a food label lately? And no, I’m not asking if you’ve read a food package lately; I want to know if you’ve checked out the labeled list of ingredients on the foods you’ve been eating. Before taking your next bite, you’ve got to know what exactly you’re putting into your body. Even if it looks healthy or comes from a “trusted” health food brand, chances are good that it’s junk. Smart marketers know how to sell you want you want. You WANT to think that the foods you are eating are healthy, and they know it; that’s why the packaging on your food favorites tout terms like healthy, low-fat and all natural. But hey, you also want your foods to 1. taste good, 2. be cheap and 3. have a long shelf life. I call this 1-2-3 fight to the finish and perfect storm, the Trifecta. Getting foods to taste “great,” be inexpensive and have the ability to sit in your pantry for months-on-end (trifecta) comes with a price. You’ve got to ask yourself right now, is that a price you’re willing to pay?!?

Eat Clean, Feel Clean | KristenBentson.comJunky “health” food floats around wearing a halo deceiving even the most health conscious among us. Let’s shed some light (cue the sunshine) on even just one food marketed to you with a halo on top…

Get ready to hear the jingle—Activia (aaa)!! Okay, this food is hailed by Jamie Lee Curtis and “Healthy Living Expert” Daphne Oz as the holy grail of digestive health, but really the ingredients found in this little cup of fruit filled yogurt are not as healthy as you might think. Activia has sugar, fructose syrup, genetically modified food starch and carmine—aka ground up beetles (as in the bug not the band) just to name a few. Thinking that you are going to do better with the light version? Think again!! In addition to the modified food starch, fructose, and beetles, this food’s got chemicals galore. We’re talking Acesulfame Potassium (cancer, nausea), Aspartame (mood, memory issues, cancer and chronic respiratory disorders), Sodium Citrate (abdominal discomfort and diarrhea), and Sucralose (headaches, stomachaches, diarrhea, and dizziness). I don’t know about you, but I’m humming a slightly different tune…Activiuhhg.

Bottom line: you’ve got chemicals, preservatives, refined sugar, trans-fat, and modified ingredients in most of the foods you’re eating out of boxes, bags and cans. Want to know why? One word: Trifecta. If you keep demanding cheap, long shelf life, flavor full foods, smart companies are going to keep selling you want you want, but remember, they are also going to market to your health conscience and package accordingly.

So, here it comes—the action step. Time to say good-bye to Frankenfoods! Challenge yourself to completely avoid all processed foods for 24 hours. Eat Clean, Feel Clean, Let’s do it!

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