Yes. Yes, you do. Whether you’ve failed before, just never tried, feel discouraged or hear negative messages from days past in your head, you need to own this. You can make a lasting change that will radically transform the way your body looks and the way you look at your body. Let me tell you, you have what it takes, and now you’re going to have the three keys you need to succeed. Make Your Health Goals a Reality | You Have What it Takes
1. Motivation: You need motivation to make this happen. If you don’t have a motivating force, you’re never gonna stick with it. You need to clearly identify your motivation and ultimate goal. Having a wish washy objective won’t get you far. You need a deeply rooted motivating factor. Identify it.
2. Discipline: Ever known someone who is fully disciplined and thought to yourself, I wish I could be just like that? Discipline is one of those things we know we need and wish we had. Well, stop wishing and start doing. Discipline is not something that magically happens to you; discipline is a decision. Routine is where it’s at when it comes to getting yourself disciplined to make the right choices. Do it (the things that bring you closer to your goals) day in and day and out watch what you used to see as a formidable challenge become a routine part of your lifestyle. (remember 66 days to make or break a habit; start today, and you’ll only have 65 left to go by tomorrow…)
3. Consistency: It’s not like you can take care of your body one day and not the next. That doesn’t make sense. When you aren’t consistent, you can’t expect that you’ll get the results your after. That means, you can’t eat healthy food and exercise for a few days and think that’s enough. Nope, it’s not. You’ve got to realize that to be a total success, consistency is totally the key.

So 3 keys: Motivation, Discipline and Consistency. Hang these words on the front of your mind. Remember, if you need help working your way toward your goals, I’m here for you. I’ve got tools and know-how. We can make this happen together.

You’ve Got What it Takes!! Now get to it.

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