So, I hit hard on the whole food FoMO thing last we met (if you missed it, you totally need to read this), but I think there’s an even more interesting topic at hand. Hear me out; more than you fear missing out on your favorite dessert, I’d say you should probably Fear Genetically Modified Organisms (FoGMO).Are GMO's Safe? | Genetically Modified Foods and Your Body

There’s been a lot of talk around the watercooler and facebook about the whole GMO thing. In case you’ve missed it, that ole sequestration/short term spending bill included a seemingly sneaky backroom deal now referred to as the Monsanto Protection Act (Section 735 of HR 933). This biotech rider silently worked its way through our legislative process and onto our plates. You might be thinking, what’s the big deal? Well, the big deal is that we aren’t really sure what genetically modified foods are doing to our bodies. GMOs have only been a part of our diets since 1996, and while many “trusted” sources insist that GMOs are a-okay, obviously, there is a lack of long term evidence to support the, whole GMOs are GRAS (generally regarded as safe) argument.

So here’s the skinny on the new law. From what I can tell (and let’s be clear, I’m by no means a legal expert), this law is apparently going to keep foods that are being legally contested on the basis of health concerns growing on our farms and finding their way onto our tables. Basically the idea is plant, grow, eat now assess the health risks later.

A lot of the foods that we commonly eat (if you’re eating processed foods you are probably getting a ton of these) are genetically modified. Foods commonly modified are ones like corn, sugar, soy, cottonseed and canola (rapeseed). Here’s the sort of wild thing, propositions (like California Prop 37) that would have required that foods that are genetically modified be labeled as such have been struck down; in other words, there’s really no way for us as consumers to know if the foods we are eating have been genetically tampered. There’s no transparency. And while going organic will definitely provide you with some GMO protection, unfortunately, it appears as though GMOs are sneaking their way into organic markets. Certified organic doesn’t necessarily mean certified non-GMO.

So bottom line, are genetically modified foods going to kill you? I don’t really know for sure; the jury’s still out. But hey, welcome to the discussion. I’ll tell you what I’d like; I’d like the choice to determine whether or not I want these GMOs in my body. If you’d like to join me, check out the link on the bottom of this page and get some skin in the game.
Alright now, get to it! Check out these resources and make a difference.

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