How much mental real estate do you give to “what if” thinking? When you decide to approach something new, does your brain automatically give you the run-down of all the reasons you can’t make it happen? It’s time to rewire your thought process and start getting results. If you can proceed as if success is inevitable, it will be. So, if it’s your goal to lose weight, you can. Want to lower your cholesterol, decrease your cancer risk, manage your blood sugar, improve your skin tone, boost your mood and have stronger teeth? It’s doable. Changing your approach to food can change your health and your life. Mindset matters and it’s time to manage your “what if” state of mind when it comes to healthy eating (and just about everything else).How to proceed as if success is inevitable...

So what if…

I’m going out to eat? You don’t have to order junk. Even McDonalds sells a salad.
I’m traveling all the time? Get a healthy snack pack. Fruit is the ultimate fast food. It takes nothing to carry around an apple and some almonds.
I don’t have time to cook? Get a couple easy techniques under your belt and invest in a few tools. A steamer and a crock pot make food prep a cinch.
I don’t like to cook? Stock up on pre-cut vegetables and fruit, Amy’s Kitchen Soups, Pure Bars, Vans Waffles, Unsweetened Yogurt, Organic Cheeses, and Sprouted Grain Breads.
Friends and Family give me a hard time? Simply learning to say No Thanks in a kind way goes a long way. Save the long-winded diatribes and hold in those soapbox speeches. Confidently and quietly eat clean and no one will really care. In fact, you might just inspire them.

Excuses or results, you can’t have it both ways. “What if” thoughts are merely excuses and you need to shut them down. Make a note of every what-if; then, write down a positive response to that thought. Your goals are worth it, and you’re worth it.

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