Leave the table feeling satisfied (not stuffed)There’s a certain license to eat that comes around the holidays. There’s food everywhere and eating just a little more (or maybe a little more than just a little more) is inevitable. So, how do you enjoy the holidays without feeling stuffed? While there are tons of tips out there, there’s one strategy I want to share with you that will work every time; it’s the one I want you to try this Thanksgiving. Instead of focusing in on your relationship with food, keep your focus fixed on the relationships you have with family and friends.

Here are 3 ways to flip the focus switch:
1. Take the time to compliment: everyone has a good characteristic. Notice it and say something about it.
2. Dig deeper: learn more about someone you care about’s passion, direction or lifelong dream.
3. Get historical: uncover family secrets or treasures from the past.

Food comes and goes, your family is forever.

You’ll leave the table feeling full and satisfied both emotionally and physically by investing in relationships.

Change Your Meals, Change Your Life!
-Dr. Kristen Bentson

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