Scrambling to get rid of a little fat before those little shorts emerge from the depths of your closet?!? Join the club!! Just so you know, the whole weight loss industry is on to your fat fears, and they are mobilizing in force to sell you on the latest and greatest in detoxes, juices, potions, pills, and products. And hey, I’ve decided to jump in the game!!! Okay, so here’s what I think you should do. I totally think that you need to buy (at the low, low yet ever recurring price of $99.99) my WooHoo-YouAnew-Cleanse™ which is the latest in proprietary blends of weight loss and detox supplements.  For 10 days, you’re going to mix the supplements together with cayenne pepper, peanut butter, lemon juice and green tea. And guess what, I’ll give you a money back guarantee that you’re gonna lose weight and poop a ton!!! WooHoo!!! I get rich, you get skinny and all cleaned out—it’s a win, win!!  

Detox and Cleanse | Why You Shouldn't DetoxAlright now, hold on ‘cause here it comes—a big fat dollop of common sense. All those get skinny quick schemes (including my WooHoo-YouAnew-Cleanse™) are nothing more than smoke and mirrors that might just land you in the hospital totally burned. Bottom Line: You Shouldn’t Detox

Wondering why they seem to work? Well, if it’s an empty bowel and weight loss you’re after a super low calorie diet mixed with laxatives will temporarily do the trick. But hey, as fast as you’ll lose pounds and poop you’ll lose friends. Why? Because you’ll be hungry, stinky and crabby and no one will want to hang around you. You’ll never be able to sustain the “detox” diet long-term (sustained laxative use and extreme restriction will kill you), so you go back to your regular routine, gain the weight back and feel like garbage again. Bleh.

Want to really get your body beach ready?!? Try this on for size. Learn how to eat to your metabolism (take in just the right amount of calories for your body) and choose fabulously high quality, nutrient rich foods. Consistently eat clean foods and you won’t have to even worry about “detoxing.” ( FYI: your liver really does take care of you. You’re best detox defense is a good offense. Don’t eat the garbage, chemicals, preservatives, sugar, and dyes to begin with.)

If you’re ready to try a solution that makes sense and works, I’d love to work with you. If it’s “detox-dieting” and “crazy-cleansing” you’re after, I love ya, but we’re not a great fit.

Okay, now it’s time!! Change Your Meals, Change Your Life!! Remember: Instant gratification is overrated. The momentary satisfaction of junk food can’t compare to the lifetime satisfaction of creating a healthy body you love.

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