Have a food pusher in your life? You know, that person who’s always trying to get you to eat something, and that something generally isn’t veggies and hummus? Whether they’re doing it to be nice (try this cake I made for you out of the goodness of my heart) or to justify their own dietary indiscretions (try this cake that I’m eating and don’t want to feel bad that you’re not eating), there’s only one response. It’s simple but sometimes hard and something you might need to practice ahead of time. Try this: No thanks, I’m not eating that.

How to Deal with Food Pushers
The choice is always yours to make and with the exception of your wedding day, no one is actually going to shove cake into your mouth. So while at first, it might be a little uncomfortable to exert your health food moxie, over time it’ll naturally just roll off your tongue. And each time that you let it roll, you save yourself from eating junk that will leave you feeling sluggish, heavy and maybe even a little guilty. The only food that should go into your body is the food that’s filling you with nutrients and energy.


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