Listen Up—Uncommon results require uncommon commitment. I want you to ask yourself this question. Do you want common results? In other words, do you want to settle for the status quo? Right now, 64% of Americans are overweight, and over one-third of adults are obese. You heard me—not just overweight, not heavy set, not tipping the scales a tad, but obese. And while stats are generally boring, I think these kinds of numbers are sort of fascinating…

Uncommon Results Require Uncommon Commitment | YouAnew Lifestyle Nutrition
Eating whatever, whenever, however, indulging, TV watching, binging, grabbing for seconds, vegging out, cakes, cookies, chips, desserts, fast food, and frozen meals cause a common result. No doubt you know that result all too well. Pants that are too tight, exhaustion that keeps you from being your best, plaguing health problems, depression or worse—apathy.  The common result requires the common (and most socially acceptable) commitment which is in essence no commitment at all.

Let’s think about this for a minute. What would happen if today you decided to make an uncommon commitment? What if you decided to make your health a priority? What if you decided to start changing your life by changing your meals? What if you replaced your fast food, your dessert, and your TV time with wholesome dishes, fresh fruit and a bike ride? Your uncommon commitment will inevitably produce uncommon results. So now instead of feeling flabby and exhausted, you feel fit and energized.  When you are fit and energized, you become confident and productive. As your confidence and productivity increase, you excel at work, in your home and in your relationships.

The time has come! Require yourself to make that uncommon commitment, and you will see your uncommon results. It’s time for YouAnew Lifestyle Nutrition. Let’s do it.

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