Okay. So, this isn’t the post where you are going to hear about ways to eat a little less candy, and I am not the nutrition expert who’s going to tell you the “right” kind of candy to eat. Nope, I’m nothing if I’m not a little edgy, so here’s the message you actually need to hear. Don’t eat it. You heard me right. Don’t eat it. Just don’t even go there. Your blood sugar and your butt can thank me later…

How to Deal with Halloween Candy | YouAnew Lifestyle NutritionSmarties beware, I’m about to blow the lid off those little tricks that junk food manufacturers play with their labels and your mind. So yes, Raisinets have raisins (which are unquestionably packed with antioxidants); however, one small serving of these chocolate covered nuggets also has about 7 teaspoons of sugar (gag). And it’s true that candy corn is a fat free food, but it’s also true that this bite sized delight contains food additives and chemicals known to damage cellular DNA and cause tumors. There’s something super fishy in that Red 40 found in Swedish Fish. This food dye may be linked to behavior issues like aggressiveness, hyperactivity and attention disorders. And yes, while it’s a fact that real, raw dark cacao is full of natural antioxidants, the other junk in chocolate candy negates the health benefits. If it’s antioxidants you’re after, eat a piece of fruit!

Okay, so you don’t want to be the dud house handing out raisins to the trick-or-treaters so here are a few fun alternatives.
The Trick or Treat Pack from Peeled Snacks
Annie’s Homegrown Cheddar Bunny Snack Packs
FruitaBu by Stretch Island Fruit Co.

Need help through the holidays?!? I am here for you!! I can get you through to the New Year and help you to fit into all your favorite party clothes. Feel Happy, Healthy and Fit. Let’s do it!!

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