KABOOM!! So, the season of eating has officially begun, and I hope it began with a bang. Here’s the deal, you and I both know that by the time the holidays have ended, you are ready to start the New Year right (and shed those cake, cookie and bouche de noel pounds). So, in the light of the somewhat inevitable holiday AFTERBOOM, I’ve got a totally awesome plan just for you. 

Failing to Plan is Planning To Fail | YouAnew Lifestyle NutritionLOCALS!! Okay, so if you live within driving distance of Bethlehem, PA I’ve got a fabulous new program called 30 Days to YouAnew. You give me 30 days, I give YouAnew Start. Here’s how it works. The first group will go through this program in January. Here’s what you’ll get…
Metabolic Testing (a quick and easy breathing test that tells me exactly how many calories your body burns each day)
4 Calorie Customized Meal Plans (Gluten, Dairy Free, Vegetarian and Pescetarian Plans Available Upon Request)
4 Grocery Lists
4 Group Coaching Sessions with me (eating to your metabolism, core principles of healthy eating, how to read food labels, what to eat when eating out)
30 Day Access to YouAnew Online Meal Tracking Tool
Accountability, Motivation and Support

Enrollment is limited and I’ve already got a lot of interest. So here’s what you need to do. Call 610-868-6816 and talk to one of my really incredible staff members; they can answer any of your questions and get you on the list, OR you get enrolled right this minute by going to kristenbentson.com/30days

Not-So-Locals!! Let’s go mobile…do you the YouAnew program from anywhere!

Okay, remember Failing to Plan is Planning to Fail. Get your AFTERBOOM YouAnew plan in place — Plan Your New Year’s Resolution Today!!

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