I hear you, and we’ve all been there. Why did I _____ (you fill in the blank). Regrets are so not fun, and face it, unless we’ve hit the point where we are ready to do something about them, they’re completely pointless. While it’s somewhat inevitable that you’ll face a regret, how you respond in the face of regret is what matters.
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Here are the top 3 regrets I get…
1. Yesterday’s choices: Overall, you stay the course, but yesterday, you blew it. You ate too much (the Golden Corral will get you every time) or you ate the wrong thing (donuts can do it).
2. Years of bad choices: Unfortunately, you might just have a history of one bad decision after the next. Years of junk food and inactivity have left you tired, sick and fat. You’ve been digging your grave with your fork, and you know it. Usually this regret is preceded by an inability to find ANY clothes that fit or something even more dramatic like a heart attack.
3. Family Feedings: Why is it that the kid’s menu is loaded up with fried chicken fingers, french fries, pizza, mac & cheese, soda, and cookies? You’d think a children’s menu would instead be filled with organic, fresh foods (hey now, that shift from purest baby foods to junkiest kid foods is regrettable…). Once on the clean eating track, many YouAnewers feel bad about the junk food they’ve fed their families.

Okay, so there are the top three. I think it’s really important to focus on solutions, not regrets. Attitude is everything, and an attitude of regret or disappointment or failure will get you no where. If your goal is to make a healthy life happen, it’s going to take consistency. Sometimes you’ll regret a decision you’ve made, but never let that regret take up too much mental energy. Recognize that you’ve screwed up, call yourself out on it and focus on your solution. It’s really simple and really effective.

Solution 1: If you’ve been digging a grave with your fork for years, stop it. Get yourself on track by committing to a routine. Every day should include both exercise and vegetables.
Solution 2: Set your resolve. Write down how you feel in the moment you realized you screwed up. Put it somewhere you’ll see it, and determine that you just won’t do it again. Nothing tastes as good as healthy feels…
Solution 3: Read labels and avoid kid’s menus (unless they are healthy foods just in smaller portions). Find out your little one’s favorite fruits and veggies and fill your fridge with both.

Regrets are negative emotions, solutions are positive actions. Focus on Solutions, Not Regrets. You can totally do this!!!

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