Can we just take one moment together to reflect?!? In a world where hunger is widespread and so many go without food, we often have a hard time keeping ourselves from overeating. You know what I am saying—in general, we eat not because we are hungry but because it would be fun or tasty or because we just feel like it. Our bellies are full, yet we eat and eat and eat.

Food On Our Table and Gratefulness in Our Hearts | YouAnew Lifestyle Nutrition

I sometimes hear myself say, “I’m starving” but truth be told, I’m not. I often have to remind myself that I’ve never really known what it is like to go hungry. So here’s what I want you to do; if ever you are feeling that strong pull of the pantry, but you’ve already eaten more than you really should, take a moment. Remind yourself that your next meal is only a few hours away and that it really is a privilege to eat the foods that will nourish your body. If you’re having a hard time avoiding that last piece of pie or resisting that pile of cookies, remember how fortunate you are to live in a place where food is in abundance and you can eat more at any time. If you are trying to keep yourself from eating too much of the wrong food (and perhaps feeling a little sorry for yourself that you have to steer clear of the sweets), be mindful of those individuals who really are hungry. Together let’s be thankful for the food that graces our daily plates.  Happy Thanksgiving!!!

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