So, I am not sure if you’ve heard, but there’s big change headed our way. I’m watching great small healthcare practices get swallowed up by big business medical establishments, and I’m not quite sure what to think about it. Actually, I am quite sure what I think of one thing. You need to do everything you possibly can do to keep your body healthy and strong. Your little every day decisions are a big deal. Because, while your genes hold the trigger to your future health, your lifestyle calls many of the shots.
Learn How to Eat to Live!
It’s time for you to make the call and flip the switch; it’s the switch that moves you from living to eat (anything and everything going in) to eating to live (fueling your body with high quality, nutrient dense foods). You see, what you eat today impacts how you live tomorrow, and you’ve got to face it; living to eat today may actually limit the quality and length of the life you live tomorrow. Bottom line, what you put into your body matters, and eating to live every meal, each day is a good move.
Okay, so here are 3 ways that you can start eating to live:
1. Learn to say, “No Thanks!” to junk: Those 2 simple words are key purposeful eating. No thanks to the doughnut holes at work, no thanks to the fried food for lunch, no thanks to the afternoon chips, no thanks to the fast food, no thanks to the cake and ice cream. While these foods may seem fun at the time, the after-effect of added pounds and a bloated belly are so no worth yes.
2. Learn to say, “Yes Please!” to fruits and veggies: There are more studies than you could actually read touting the benefits of the good stuff grown in the ground. The more you say yes to the foods from the earth, the better. When you eat real food, you feel real good.
3. Learn to cook:  I know, I know. We live in a fast paced world, and the convenient quick option often is the most appealing. But, I want to encourage you to start chopping and cutting and cooking. Unfortunately, most restaurant foods were never meant to be eaten every day. A lot of the time, they are loaded with calories and chemicals. Try making your own meals with real food, and you’ll be amazed by how much better you feel!
I would love to help you start eating with purpose! My Foundation Plan and Core Program are designed to give you all the Eat to Live tools you need to look and feel your best.
And if you’re in a baking mode and ready to jump into the kitchen, I’ve got a fun new recipe for Cocoa Banana Muffins (oh, and they’re gluten and dairy free + vegan).

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