If you leave your lunch choices to chance, chances are good those choices will stink. Lunch is the main meal that most people eat outside of their house; if you’re not prepared to make good choices, you might get stuck eating foods that will leave you feeling slow, fatigued and bloated by 4pm. If you want to rock out the rest of your day, rock a fabulous lunch. Don’t forget your kids! They need healthy foods to fuel them through the afternoon too. Let’s makeover those lunchboxes.  
 Easy Steps for a Healthy Lunch Box Makeover
Let’s start with the kids (but hey, you can totally go for these too…):
Goldfish: There are more than a few fishy ingredients in most goldfish snacks. Instead, try Annie’s Home Grown Cheddar Bunnies–organic ingredients, no GMOs, no sugar, no preservatives, and all good!
Fruit Snacks: Fruit snacks totally don’t count as a serving of fruit. The best of the best is to go right to the source with apples, bananas, mango slices, papaya, grapes, peaches and the like. If your kids really love those gummy treats, check out these Organic Fruit Bites
Chocolate Milk: Much of the commercially boxed chocolate milk is full of sugar, modified ingredients and unless it’s organic, hormones and synthetic growth hormones like rBST. Try instead, Chocolate Rice Dream Beverage or these cute little Vanilla Rice Dream boxes.
Granola Bars: While the notion of a granola bar conjures up thoughts of hiking and health, most granola bars are filled with sugar, corn syrup, and preservatives. Be kind to your body and try a Nut Delight KIND bar.
Potato Chips: Steer clear of the fried stuff and try popped instead! You might just love Sea Salt PopChips; they have no saturated or trans-fat, no preservatives, artificial flavors or GMOs. Plus, they are gluten, dairy free and vegan.
Now for you (but hey, your kids might totally enjoy these too…):
Salads: If you haven’t already, you need to read my article, The Truth about Salad. Replace those traditionally crummy salads with ones loaded with leafy greens, colorful veggies, raw nuts, seeds and fruit.
Soda: Skip the sodas; they’ll leave you feeling jittery, bloated and exhausted in a few short hours. Try Hint Fizz instead
Sandwiches: Most sandwiches are made from nutritionally devoid bread and hormone/antibiotic laden meats. High quality nutrient rich and sprouted breads are generally found in the freezer (no preservatives) and you can easily make the switch at the deli counter to organic turkey or chicken.
Skip that 4 o’clock fog by rocking out that healthy lunch! If you need more ideas on how to choose the healthiest foods possible for you and your family, You Need YouAnew.  I can’t wait to work with you.
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