So, I’m not a big magazine girl; I don’t get any subscriptions, and I’m not generally tempted by the seductive cover stories that line the racks of the check-out line. But, for whatever reason, the other day I just felt like grabbing and buying a bunch. I left them on my kitchen counter as I quickly ran out the door to the office; when I got home, my (completely and totally fabulous) husband says to me, “honey, did you read those magazines?” I told him I hadn’t had a minute, and he’s tells me that he took a few to check them out. He’s like, “those are really worthless and completely superficial.” There you have it folks—worthless and superficial. Well, I bought ‘em so I figured I should at least skim them. Here’s the crazy part; most of the articles in all of the magazines (okay, I admit it my moment of weakness, I bought like 5) focused on ways you can get “bikini body” ready by summer. Here’s the start to one of my favorite (said with a snarky tone) cover stories which indicates that you too can be swim-suit-ready by month’s end. And I quote: “It may still be spring but we’ve got bikinis on our minds. And that’s fine, because if you kick your fitness routine into high gear now, you can avoid the last-minute panic come summer…”Ditch the Bikini Body Mentality

First of all, what in the world does bikini body ready even mean?!? Almost every page in every magazine is littered with photos of women scantily clad and perfectly made up. I don’t know about you, but I know for me those images are an unrealistic expectation (unless I suddenly have a team of professional make-up artists and stylists following me around the beach). And here’s what I know for sure, working out and eating right for a few days, a few weeks, a few months or even a few years will probably never get you looking like the photo-shopped images of a perfectly styled person in a magazine. If “bikini body” ready is what you’re after, you’re probably not going to ever reach your happily-ever-after. It’s time to get expectations that match reality. Ditch the “bikini body” mentality and replace it with a “healthy body” mentality. Bikini bodies don’t exist in real life; healthy bodies will help you to live your real life.

So what I love (and live) to do is help people completely transform their body and their life by changing their approach to food. I know that you can create a healthy body and a life you love if you are willing to make lasting lifestyle changes. Come on now, Change Your Meals, Change Your Life! Bottom line, you can totally be ready for a healthy, happy summer body come June (whether you wear a bikini or not, well that’s up to you…)

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