A treasured family member needed a tune-up for his pacemaker last week, and I spent the day in the cardiac unit of the hospital. My short stay gave me fresh perspective and a renewed passion for what I do each day. When I say Change Your Meals, Change Your Life, I mean it, because what you eat today will impact how you live tomorrow. Hear me out…

What You Eat Today Impacts How You Live Tomorrow | YouAnew Lifestyle NutritionI walked down the long hallway to my family member’s room, and I was passed by a nurse pushing a double-wide wheel chair. You heard me right, a double-wide wheel chair. In fact, every wheel chair in this particular hospital is double-wide. Quite honestly, I think these wheel chairs could transport my entire immediate family. Anyway, as I continued down the corridor, many of the doors to patient’s rooms were wide open, and I could peer inside. There was little joy to be seen. Sad (and mostly very overweight) patients sat with their even sadder looking family members, and it made me think. Undoubtedly there were good times in these families’ lives that preceded whatever horrible cardiac incident landed them in this place. How many of these “good times” involved copious amounts of processed foods and treats, and were those “good times” worth it?

I wondered if these particular individuals ever thought about how they were digging their grave with a fork, and I wondered if anyone ever really took a moment to tell them just that. Hear me out–Heart disease is the number one cause of death in the US, and it lands 16.7 million people in the hospital every year. More than 1 in 3 individuals have it in some form. But get a load of this tidbit: As many as 80% of these cases can be prevented—they can be prevented by lifestyle nutrition.

I don’t want you to be a stat. I don’t want you to experience the physical and emotional pain of being wheeled down the hospital hallway in a double-wide wheel chair to be met by the sad faces of your family and friends. I want you to have vitality, healthy, strength and happiness. So please, think about that double wide wheel chair the next time you chow down.

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