Ever schlepped through the airport lugging oversized luggage while running to catch your plane? We’ve all done it (at least once) and have felt the burden of excess baggage weighing us down. Now, imagine that same scenario minus the heavy stuff. Think of how light and easy it is to run and catch that same flight. If you’re like most people, you’re carrying some kind of food baggage. Overeating, eating the wrong foods, emotional eating, eating junk food, and social eating all create a sort of baggage that you get stuck carrying around. Feeling overweight, clothes too tight, worn out, sick to your stomach and cranky are common side-effects of food baggage. Here’s how you break free…

3 Ways to Drop the Weight1. Be Mindful: From my perspective, mindless eating is the most common reason people carry excess weight. Grabbing for a bite of this and noshing on a bit of that creates baggage. That extra late night snack or that little taste of something you grabbed on your break doesn’t seem like much, but trust me it adds up. One of the best way to practice mindful eating is to log everything you eat. Try it; for a few days write down everything that goes into your body. This exercise will inevitably enlighten you.

2. Eat for the Right Reasons: Happy, glad, sad, mad, bored, tired, stressed? Not reasons to eat. Nope, the only real reason you should be eating is to nourish your body and give it the energy it needs to function at it’s best. By simply avoiding the emotional eating trap, you set yourself free from extra pounds.

3. Have a Plan: Creating a plan on your own might seem like a daunting task. It’s why getting an expert to help you is a really great idea!! So, I’ve got your back and have a Metabolic Plan designed for just for you. Metabolism testing, meal plans and motivation can help you break free from the baggage once and for all.

Dropping the baggage and dropping the pounds will make all the difference in the way you can approach your life. You’ll feel lighter, more competent and better able to navigate those narrow paths. Do it by executing those 3 steps…eat mindfully, eat for the right reasons and stick to your plan. You CAN do this!

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