Alright, let’s be honest. Your cravings for ice cream, chips and cookies probably don’t hit first thing in the morning. If you’re like most people, the habits that are the most destructive, usually show up sometime after 4 pm. Chances are good, your night routine’s got some form of TV watching, social media scrolling, a few glasses of something alcoholic, and a pantry raid (or two). While these habits may seem restful and restorative, in all reality, they’re pretty life-sucking. If you’re tired of waking up feeling less than good about last night, try these 5 Simple Tips that will get you on track for a good night sleep and an even better start to tomorrow.

Engage in a Creative Pursuit: When you create, you visualize. When you visualize, you curb the part of your brain that craves. You can’t focus on a candy bar and a creative pursuit at the same time. To engage your creative side you can listen to or play music, draw, sculpt, color, sew, craft, read or write, take pictures, paint, dance or design. Plan even just 20 minutes of creative time each night.
Drink a Cup of Tea: I am all about the ritual of tea. It’s warm, it tastes great, it’s rich in phytochemicals that promote health, and as a bonus, it has no calories. Take the time to brew and sip a cup of tea.
Write: Writing is a liberating experience. Whether you’re creatively writing, creating to-do lists, forming goals or dumping all your anxieties out onto a piece of paper, writing is good for your soul.
Stretch: Stretching exercises are the best exercises for stress reduction. Plus, it’s hard to stretch and stuff your face. If giving up some late night TV is out of the question, gently stretch while you watch your favorite flick.
Go to bed early: There it is. I said it, and I think it’s one of the best things you can do for your health. Go to bed early, and get up early. Set the alarm for 10 pm. Get in bed. Then, set your alarm for 6 am and wake up. Do this for 2 weeks and you’ll love the results. Before long, your internal clock will take over and this routine will become easy and feel

End today well and you’ll start tomorrow right. You CAN do this!

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