So You Ate The Wrong Stuff

It happens. Sometimes it gets you. That extra piece (or two…or five) of candy or pie or cheese or whatever ends up in your mouth. And then you swallow it. And then you wish you hadn’t. So then you feel bad about it…and then you eat more. The cycle is vicious and hard to break.

So what do you do when you eat the wrong stuff or too much stuff? Well, first I’m gonna tell you what you shouldn’t do. Don’t regret it. Regret is this negative emotion that generally results in perpetuation of the very behavior you’re trying to avoid. Instead, you’re going to fix your mind on something positive. Visualize the result you’re after and then the action steps you’ll take to make it happen. Brush your teeth and move on.

If you’re one of those people who feels out of control when it comes to food, join the club. Most people do. The key to getting on top of it is letting it go. Let go of feeling bad, let go of feeling down, let go of feeling low. Let. it. go. Approach food from a positive perspective instead. Affirm your healthy decisions one by one.  Ate an apple? High five. Sprinkled some flax into your cereal? That’s a BooYa moment. Went for the water? Get a pat on the back. It’s time to Flip the mental switch. Make the good decisions that’ll make you feel good, and then you’ll keep making those good decisions. Success will beget success. And then, if you eat the wrong stuff, you’ll be able to recover faster and move on with it.

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