Chances are good there are little things you do every day that are slowing down your metabolism. The slower your metabolism, the harder it is to get to and keep a healthy weight. Here are the Top 5 Ways to Most Effectively Slow Your Metabolism…that I don’t recommend.140325_metabolism-slowdown
1. Sit, Sit, Sit: If you really want to slow down your metabolism, start your day by sitting in the car, sit at a desk, then sit during your lunch and finish off the day by sitting on the couch to watch a few hours of TV. (remember, sitting is just about as healthy for you as smoking…)
2. Don’t drink water: Avoiding water is a great way to depress your metabolism. To really slow it down, drink less than 12 cups of water daily.
3. Eat only one or two big meals a day: By more or less starving your body, you can slow your metabolism by about 10%. Skip meals and eat huge portions of food only a few random times a day.
4. Skip breakfast: Completely avoid the boost you’ll give to your metabolism and the thermogenic jumpstart to your day by avoiding breakfast.
5. Stay awake really late every night: Better yet, stay awake watching TV slouched on the couch. Throw your metabolism into disarray by impairing glucose regulation. By not getting enough sleep, you can also decrease your satiety hormones (leptin) and increase your hunger hormones (ghrelin).
Ever wondered if your metabolism is actually functioning the way that it should? Do you just take guesses when it comes to weight management and the actual amounts of food you should be eating? I highly recommend Metabolism Testing. You can get this test done in the comfort of my office!! This simple and relatively quick breathing test takes the guess work out of getting to and keeping a healthy weight. Couple that with the meal plans I’ve created for you that are customized to your metabolism, and you’ll feel completely empowered. Let’s do this!!

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