I don’t know about you, but I’m so excited to celebrate my favorite holiday. We’re headed to grandmas, and I’m bringing a few healthy desserts for the Thanksgiving table. Tomorrow morning while watching the parade, I’ll be baking up a storm; I’m gonna make a Crustless Pumpkin Pie, Granny Smith Warm Apple Crisp, and Pumpkin Bread. Our family is full of special dietary needs, so it’s all going to be gluten, dairy and refined sugar free (you can totally get all the recipes in my Healthy Holidays Workshop).

Eat This, Not That! Top 5 Thanksgiving Food SwapsFood swaps are the best best way to enjoy your holiday feast without feeling like you pigged out. Here are my top 5 Eat This, Not That Thanksgiving Day Suggestions…

1. Eat Popcorn (31 calories/cup), Not Mixed Nuts (813 calories/cup): Okay, I love nuts and think they are fabulous for you. But, on a day when food is the focus, the last thing you need is an extra handful of nuts. Swap your nut bowl for a popcorn bowl.
2. Drink Sparkling Water (0 calories/cup), Not Soda (182 calories/cup): San Pellegrino, Hint Fizz, and Polar Seltzer are great alternatives to soda. You’ll stay hydrated while skipping the calories and sugar.
3. Eat Roasted Shallots (112 calories/cup), Not French’s Fried Onions (360 calories/cup): Top your green bean casserole with crispy roasted shallots instead of processed fried onions that traditionally have TBHQ and Propylene Glycol (yes, that is anti-freeze…).
4. Eat Fresh Herbs (0 calories/cup), Not Gravy (190 calories/cup): Don’t drown your mashed potatoes in a lake of gravy! Try topping your turkey and other food favorites with fresh herbs and sea salt.
5. Eat Sweet Potatoes (114 calories/cup), Not Candied Yams (310 calories/cup): Eat better, feel better! This is such an easy and worthwhile swap. Now, if you’re jonesing for that marshmallow topping, look for Suzanne’s Ricemallow which is minimally processed and doesn’t have any sugar.

Make the simple swaps and save 1600 calories; that means you’ll save yourself from 1/2 pound of body fat.

I am so thankful to be a part of your life. Keep rocking out those fabulous choices and be consistent (especially through the holidays). You can do this!!


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