Getting and staying healthy isn’t an all or nothing proposition. Maybe you’re one of those people who thinks, Right now isn’t a good time to overhaul my lifestyle, so I’ll just wait until next week, umm next month, well maybe next year…I’m going to give it to you straight; right now, is actually the perfect time to get started. Maybe today won’t be the day you overhaul it all, but today is perfect day to take one, two (or six) baby steps in the direction of your goal. It’s worth it , you’re worth it, now let’s get to it.

6 Quick Tips for Cleaning Up Your Diet

1. If you don’t buy it, you won’t try it. Fill your fridge and your pantry with real, whole foods and guess what?!? You’ll eat real, whole foods. If you buy junk, you’re going to eat junk (and end up with too much junk in your trunk). It’s just that simple.
2. Water, Water, Water. Don’t drink your calories! Skip the juice, soft drinks (and hard drinks) and fill up on water. You need 2-3 liters every day to really stay hydrated. Drinking more water will help you to feel less hungry and give your resting metabolism a bit of a boost.
3. Add in the herbs. Skip the sauces, gravies, butters and creams and get your flavor from fresh and dried herbs like rosemary, oregano, thyme, basil, turmeric, pepper, and paprika. Herbs will add flavor and nutrients without adding many calories.
4. When in doubt, throw it out. It’s better for junk food to end up in the garbage than for it to trash your body. If you bought a food with a questionable ingredient (like sugar, artificial anything, numbers, sugar alcohols), dump it. It’s wiser to waste a few bucks than to waste your health.
5. We all scream for…Yonanas! As the warmer weather approaches and ice cream becomes one of the major food groups, investing in a Yonanas maker is an awesome idea. Create your own soft serve ice cream with nothing more than a frozen ripe banana and your favorite fruit. (click here for the link)
6. Pack it up. Remember, fruit is the ultimate fast food. It’s clean, it’s healthy and it’s generally easy to transport. Before running out the door, grab for that apple, banana, pear, orange, plum and peach. With healthy foods on hand, you’ll be less likely to hit the drive-through or vending machine in a starved and frantic frenzy!

Remember, what you eat today will impact how you live tomorrow! Eat clean, feel clean; it’s that simple.

Oh, and I would love to get you started with my new Metabolic Plan. It’s time for you to start eating to your body’s metabolism (to get the weight you want) and eating the cleanest foods (to get that healthy body you want). Let’s do it!!

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