Eat Real Food, Feel Real Good Know what’s right, but having a hard time doing it? From my vantage point, that’s usually the issue. I’m sure it’s not news to you that you should be eating more produce and should probably skip that second piece of cake after dinner, but finding the incentive to actually do the stuff you know you should do is the hard part.

We’d all be healthy eaters if broccoli tasted like brownies.

I get it. But broccoli doesn’t taste like brownies. It tastes like broccoli.

The way that I see it, you’ve got three options:
1. Skip the broccoli and eat a brownie.
2. Put the broccoli in the brownie so you can’t taste it.
3. Change the way you think about broccoli and just eat it.

If you know me even a little, you know that I’m going to make a case for option 3. It’s a healthy eating trick that works every time. Whenever you come across a good for you food that you don’t really like, remind yourself of this: You don’t have to like the way a healthy food tastes, to like what it does for your body. Changing your mindset changes your palate. When your palate changes, your food choices change. I promise, this works every time. Eating good food makes you feel really good; you’ll have more energy, sleep better, have less pain, carry less extra weight, improve your mood and get an overall sense of well-being you didn’t have before.

Getting started can be the hardest part, but the more good food you just eat, the more you’ll like eating good food. It really is that simple. You CAN do this.

Change Your Meals, Change Your Life
-Dr. Kristen Bentson

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