(not resolutions that don’t…)

Okay, so we’re a week into a new year! Wild, right? Last week I talked to you about why resolutions can be pointless; this week, I want to focus on helping you to create solutions that work, rather than resolutions that don’t. Here are 5 easy things you can start doing that will get you moving in the right direction…

5 Ways to Create Solutions that Work (instead of resolutions that don't)1. Think about the cans not the can’ts: All the can’ts will totally get you down. Instead of focusing on not eating this or that, think about all the cool, healthy food that you can eat.
2. Live in the present: Rather than dwelling on past health “mistakes” and indiscretions or worrying about future failure, focus on the minute that you’re in.
3. Get an attitude adjustment: If you’ve got a positive attitude, you’re going to feel more motivated to act in a positive direction. The ho-hum, woe is me, doomed attitude will drag you (and everyone else around you) down. Solutions require a can-do attitude.
4. Don’t try it, just do it: Excuses or results, you can’t have both. If you are only after a temporary solution that you will try to fix again next year (aka a resolution), go ahead and make your excuses. If a solution is what you’re after, just get to it and make it happen.
5. Take a new approach: My 3 year old son and I love working on puzzles together. Ever thought about how certain puzzle pieces end up fitting differently than you might have originally expected? You often have to take a new approach to the same piece of the puzzle to get it to fit. Getting and staying healthy is often like a puzzle. Remember, the solution might just happen by going after the problem in a new way.

Alright, no more resolutions, this year is about solutions. Now get to it!

Change Your Meals, Change Your Life.


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