How many pounds do you usually gain between now & the New Year? If you’re average, it’s probably somewhere around seven. Seven stinking pounds that you’ll inevitably vow to shed off on New Year’s Day. What if this New Year’s Resolution could be something other than losing holiday weight? Let’s set the stage with a few quick, easy, and simple ideas for you to start drilling into your head before the holidays hit…131120_stuff-the-bird_nolabel

Tip 1: Small Plates!! Face it, you’re gonna fill it, but I’m guessing you don’t want your family and friends commenting, so you won’t be overloading that plate to the point that mashed potatoes and gravy are overflowing on the holiday table cloth. If you’ve got a small plate to begin with, you will probably eat just the right amount. If grandma already set the table with mondo sized dinner platters, envision that your plate has a border and is half the size.

Tip 2: Steer Clear of Marshmallows!! Most holiday feasts are filled with super nutrient rich foods; I love turkey, corn, green beans, sweet potatoes, and pearl onions. What I don’t love are the “enhancers” like gravy, butter, french fried onions, candied topping and cream. Skip those add-ons and avoid the post party pooch.

Tip 3: Don’t Stuff Yourself!! Stuff the bird, not your face. Don’t ever allow yourself to get totally full. Shoot for comfortable satisfaction.

Tip 4: Join my Online Healthy Holidays Workshop!! I’m gonna motivate and inspire you to make this your healthiest holiday ever. If you usually feel exhausted, stressed out, burnt out, and a little heavier around the holidays, you totally need what I have to give. I’m going to make it fun and easy for you to figure out a holiday eating strategy, ways to manage the madness and specific things you can do to beat stress and stress eating. (and hey, there are even recipes for healthy green bean casserole and stuff the bird, not your face stuffing included…;)

Keep calm, stay in control and focus on your family more than food! Enjoy every minute together.

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