Ahh, the ever popular cheat day. Six days a week you eat clean and on the seventh, well…you don’t. So the question I am often asked is Is it okay to cheat? If you know me at all you know I am all about consistency. I don’t really think that cheating will ever really help you win. And by win, I don’t mean a beach body, I mean a healthy body. Sure, you can eat small portions of junk food and not gain weight, but eating garbage will make you feel like garbage.

Reinventing the Cheat Day: You're Guide to Healthy Cheating I want to teach you how to cheat, without really cheating. When taking a test, it’s better to be prepared rather than cheat. So, instead of cheating, let’s be prepared. Here’s how you can reinvent the cheat day…

Chocolate Chip Cookies: Skip the Chips Ahoy and try Nana’s Brand instead. No refined sugar, no-gmos, no dirty ingredients–lots of good flavor.
Nachos: Most nacho chips are loaded with hydrogenated oils. Check out Garden of Eatin’ Tortilla Chips. They are tasty…and sturdy. Great for loading up with salsa and organic cheese.
Pizza: Forget pizza that leaves you feeling greasy and gross. Our family loves Friday nights with movies and Amy’s Organic Cheese Pizza.
Ice Cream Sandwiches: Um, have you ever tried a Rice Dream Frozen Pie? Um, you’ll love it.
Pasta: Mix it up! Pasta made from brown rice, quinoa and/or spelt can add a nutrient bang to your pasta calorie buck.
Soda: While flavored sparkling water is hands down your best bet, Izze is a good second choice.
Chocolate: Cocoa is good for you–sugar is not. My favorite alternatives are Emmy’s Chocolate Sauce (drizzled on berries or kiwi) or Go Raw Chocolates. For all the chocolaty goodness without any of the calories, try Red Velvet Chocolate Tea.

Cheat better, feel better. Healthy doesn’t have to be hard.

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