Want clear, radiant and glowing skin? Eat clean, whole and healthy food. While diet isn’t the only factor that determines your complexion, what you put into your body tremendously affects the way your body looks. Here’s your guide to 7 great foods for great skin.

Your Food Guide to Fabulous Skin

1. Oh, Oh, Omegas: Wild salmon, hemp seeds and walnuts are all loaded with that ever so important omega-3 fat which can dramatically improve skin tone. Try this Salmon with Basmati Rice Recipe.

2. Sunflower Seeds: While too much time in the sun can cause premature skin aging, sunflower seeds are rich in vitamin E which can keep your skin looking younger, longer.

3. Plain Organic Yogurt: Calcium, vitamin D and probiotics keep your skin supple. Top your yogurt with blueberries and flax for an even more powerful mini-meal.

4. So Sweet Potatoes: This carotenoid rich tuberous veggie defends skin against harmful UV rays.

5. Cooked or Stewed Tomato: So, did you know? When you cook or stew tomatoes, they release even more lycopene than when eaten raw! Lycopene is an awesome micronutrient that can keep skin wrinkle free.

6. Ah, Almonds: If your skin is lackluster, the monounsaturated fats in almonds can give you a little glow.

7. Acai Berries: The phytosterols in Acai can help you to rock a healthy complexion. Throw them in your oatmeal, cereals, yogurt or salads.

Now, don’t forget what you don’t eat, is as important–if not more important–than what you do eat. Steer clear of soft drinks, hard drinks, sugar, highly processed food-like-products, heavy amounts of dairy, and foods with trans-fat.

Need help putting it all together? My Fabulous Skin Meal Plan is designed with you in mind! Eat fabulous food, get fabulous skin.

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