Copy of Just because it says organic, doesn't mean it's healthy (1)Are you shelling out extra dough for organic food? If you are, it’s time to take a quick inventory of what you’re actually eating! Just because it says organic doesn’t mean it’s healthy. Now, if we’re talking about foods without labels like fruits, vegetables, meat and dairy, organic is always a good way to go. Eating good-for-you-foods with an organic sticker is like buying the cadillac of insurance plans. You’ve got all your bases covered! Nice work. It’s definitely a worthwhile investment. 

But, if your cart is filled up with organic jelly beans, cookies and ice cream you’re getting ripped off. The good news is that your junk food isn’t genetically modified. The bad news is that your organic food is junk food. An organic jelly bean is still candy. I know it sounds better, but sugar is sugar whether it’s organic or not. You’ve got to read that list of ingredients on the label anytime your food’s got a label.

And are you savvy about the terms? Not sure the difference between organic, certified organic and made with organic ingredients? Here’s what you need to know…

100% Organic: Foods that are 100% organic are free from synthetic residues of pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, insecticides, genetically modified ingredients, antibiotics and hormones.

Organic: Greater than 95% of ingredients must be organic. This means that even if the seal says “Organic”, there’s a slight chance GMO or other questionable ingredients may be present.

USDA Certified Organic: Both Organic and 100% Organic can carry the seal USDA Organic

Made with Organic Ingredients: Greater than 70% of ingredients must be organically derived

Conventional: Food that is not organic. It is grown by conventional means with the potential for chemically based pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, insecticides, GMOs, antibiotics and hormones.

So remember, next time you feel sucked in by a cool looking label and are just about to get suckered into buying a seemingly healthy junk food, read your label. Remind yourself why eating organic might not be good for you. If you’ve got the choice between a conventionally grown apple or an organic cookie, don’t be disillusioned. Go for the apple every time.

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Dr. Kristen Bentson

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