Metabolism Testing

Metabolism Testing


Ever wondered if your metabolism is fast, slow or right where it should be? Metabolism testing will give you the inside scoop on how many calories your body is burning and your exact calorie range to lose weight, gain or maintain it. Because everyone’s metabolism is a little different, your mom or best friend’s range probably isn’t the right range for you.  Knowing your calorie range is the key to your long-term success.  Once we’ve got the range, Dr. Kristen’s 7 Day Calorie Customized Clean Eating Meal Plan will get you on the right track to meeting your goals. It’s a quick and easy way to get started…Healthy Eating Doesn’t Have to be Hard!


What’s Included…

  • Metabolic Testing and Analysis: Learn precisely how many calories your body burns at rest with a 10-minute breathing test. This state-of-the-art testing determines whether your metabolism is running fast, slow or at a normal rate. From this important information, you will learn exactly how many calories your body needs to lose weight, gain weight or maintain weight. For even more info scroll to the section below.
  • Body Composition Testing: This quick test helps to determine your weight, BMI, organ fat, total body fat, and muscle percentages. Your Metabolic Plan will include an analysis of these results where Dr. Bentson will provide you with your ideal range for each of these important health measures.
  • Eat Clean Meal Plan: Dr. Bentson’s Clean Eating 7 Day Meal Plan is calorie customized to your body’s metabolic needs and based off her 25/25/50 (fat, protein, carb) ratios to optimize your energy and overall health. The plan also comes with a detailed grocery list and brand recommendations so you know exactly which foods to buy (Get a Sneak Peek Here).  This plan makes it easy to eat the right foods in the right amounts. Gluten free, dairy free and vegetarian meal plans are available upon request.
  • Metabolic Plan: This 13-page plan has tons of information to get you headed in the right direction! Includes the following:
    • Metabolism and Body Composition Test Result Analysis from Dr. Bentson
    • A Guide to Understanding Your Metabolism
    • A Guide to Navigating Your Meal Plan
    • Instructions on How to Prepare Your Meals
    • A Food Substitution List (to accommodate food preferences)
    • Dr. Bentson’s Final Recommendations

The metabolic test is administered by a member of the YouAnew team, and all components of the Metabolic Plan will be delivered by email within 2 business days. This plan does not include a consultation with Dr. Bentson.

Scheduling Information

  • Your Metabolic Testing appointment will be about 20 minutes long.
  • Due to the test guidelines listed below, most people prefer morning appointments so they can come into the office before they start their day. However, we can perform the test at any time during the day as long as the guidelines are met.
  •  After you make your purchase, you will be called by a member of the YouAnew staff to schedule your appointment (within 24 hours of the next business day).

About Metabolic Testing

youanew_metabolic-testing Metabolism varies a lot from person to person. Although calculators and formulas can get you close, a quick and easy breathing test will help you to know for sure. Metabolic testing (the tool I use is an indirect calorimeter) is fabulously fresh technology that is the cornerstone of the YouAnew Programs. The test determines your resting metabolic rate; in other words, how many calories (how much energy) your body needs to keep you alive (your heart beating, eyes blinking, breathing, etc). The information this test provides unlocks the secrets of your internal fat burning machine and allows you to manage your weight the right way. Within a few minutes, you can find out exactly how many calories YOUR body needs to lose, gain or maintain. You can know once and for all if you actually have a slow, normal, or fast burning metabolism. Learn precisely how many calories your body burns at rest, and you can rest assured that you will get the results you are after. Check out an example of testing results here–Metabolic Rate Results

[Metabolic testing pdf download]

Testing Information

In order to get the most accurate test results, please remember the following:

  • NO eating for 4 hours prior to your test
  • NO drinking (anything but water) 4 hours prior to your test
  • NO exercising or any physical activity prior to your test
  • NO stimulants (such as caffeine from tea, coffee and soda or nicotine) prior to your test
  • Walk slowly and don’t rush to your appointment; take the elevator instead of the stairs

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